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Metroid Prime Sequence Breaking/Speed Tricks

Ever since Samus Aran started her journey through the galaxy, players around the world have been looking for ways to play the series their own way. Get items way sooner than they were designed to be collected, even skip bosses altogether. And just generally tear the game apart and in some cases, almost play it back to front!

It's a talent (and it very much is that) that has been given to many inquisitive metroid gamers. This section is devoted to such discoveries that have allowed Metroid Prime to be totally spun on it's head. Whether or not any of these were designed or left in intentionally by Retro and Nintendo is debetable, but regardless, it has injected a new lease of life into the game.

:: MPrime Techniques Guide

.:Space Pirate Frigate SB/Speed Tricks:.
:: The Bioharard Containment DBJ Shortcut

.:Tallon Overworld SB/Speed Tricks:.
:: Collect Space Jump as the FIRST item in the game!
:: Crash Frigate Site Climb
:: Space Jump out of Lifegrove
:: X-Ray Visor Without Spiderball
:: DBJ Over Great Tree Hall Bars

.:Chozo Ruins SB/Speed Tricks:.
:: Skip the Missile Launcher altogether!
:: Get the Morphball without fighting for it first!
:: Reach The Morphball Faster (Original NTSC Version ONLY!)
:: Main Plaza Shortcut
:: Get Through Watery Hall Quicker
:: Collect the Icebeam BEFORE Flaahgra!!!
:: Arboretum Shortcut And Gate Bomb Jump
:: Get Back up the Suntower Without the Spiderball!
:: Collect the Artifact of Lifegiver Without the Gravity Suit
:: Crossway Without Boost
:: Get the Ice Beam REALLY Early!

.:Magmoor Caverns SB/Speed Tricks:.
:: Get Through Magmoor WITHOUT the Varia Suit!
:: Magmoor Workstation Shortcut
:: Get the Plasma beam Before Thardus!
:: Geo Spinner Dash

.:Phendrana Drifts SB/Speed Tricks:.
:: Phendrana Shoreline Shortcut
:: Ice Temple Shortcut
:: Artifact Of Elder Without Plasma
:: Frostcave Expansion Without Grapple
:: Gravity Chamber Missiles Without Grapple

.:Phazon Mines SB/Speed Tricks:.
:: Central Dynamo Shortcut
:: PPC Without Spiderball
:: Fungal Hall A Without Grapple Beam
:: Fungal Hall B Without Grapple Beam
:: Waste Disposal Without Grapple
:: Central Dynamo Shortcut
:: Elite Pirate Strategy
:: Elite Quarters Faster
:: MQA Without Spiderball
:: MQB Without Spiderball

.:Impact Crater SB/Speed Tricks:.
:: Faster Impact Crater Route

.:Advanced Boss Strategies:.
:: Boss Strats - Flaahgra
:: Boss Strats - Invisible Drone

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