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Metroid Zero Mission : Samus Puts On Her Make-up

Zero Mission Title Screen
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Japanese Release Date: 27th May 2004
US Release Date: 9th Feburary 2004
European Release Date: 19th April 2004

Nintendo have continued their "remake" policy for their GBA unabashed as they muster up a remake of the original Metroid. New - Metroid Fusion style - graphics, new areas, power-ups, bosses and secrets. Think of it as the Resident Evil 1 GameCube Remake, and you'll be on the right lines.

The game plays A LOT like how Super Metroid does. Which is a VERY good thing indeed. It's smooth, designed by Nintendo FOR Sequence Breaking and is a VERY playable piece of software. The 3rd best game in the series by a long margin (after Prime and Super of course...)

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