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Metroid And Samus Cameo Appearances

Samus and Metroids have been springing up in other Nintendo games other than the Metroid series. The current complete list of which, you can find below.

Kid Icarus (1986):
One of the enemy creatures in the game is based on the Metroids. Known as Komayto (Komett to the Japananese), they swooped down and attacked. According to the manual, they are supposed to have come from another planet.

Famicom Wars (1988):
The commander in charge on Donut Island is called Samasuun, and her face on the result screen is Samus's mask.

Tetris (1989):
If you complete Mode B, with speed 9 and height 5 in the collection of Nintendo characters playing as part of a band, you can see Samus in the bottom right corner playing the cello.

F1-Race (1990):
Before Race 7 and during the end sequence, Samus Aran will make her appearances.

Galactic Pinball (1995):
In this Virtual Boy game, if you trigger off the "Bumper Clash" in the top-right corner of the Cosmic Table, destroy the 3 bumpers and shoot your puck right into the Samus symbol, you will see the puck transform into a space ship and the message "LET'S GO SAMUS" appear in the screen.

You then have to shoot down waves of 3 different types of Metroid enemies (including Metroids themselves) for 5,000 bonus points each. At the end you get a "MISSION COMPLETE" message (like at the end of the Metroid games themselves). Also, if you fire your puck into the socket in the top right of the Cosmic table (just to the left of the 3 bumpers you must destroy), you get a side image of Samus's ship fly across the screen from right to left. Check out the images below:

Super Mario RPG (1996):
In the toybox at the top of Booster's Tower you can see a Samus Aran action figure.

Upon reaching Land's End for the first time dont complete it, instead, head all the way back to the Mushroom Kingdom Castle. Sleep in the guest room and in the morning check out Princess Toadstool's bed. Samus is sleeping there, resting before her battle with Mother Brain.

Kirby Super Star (1996):
The Screw Attack is one of the treasures to be found in the Great Cave Offensive.

If you're very lucky, sometimes Stone Kirby will transform into a Golden Statue of Samus.

Kirby's Dreamland 3 (1997):
Hogging the cameo spotlight in another Kirby title, Samus can be found at the end of stage 2 of the Iceberg world. She has a Heart Star to offer you, but to get at it, you must find the Ice Power before you enter the volcano stage and destroy all of the hidden Metroids in each room. If you succeed in doing so, Samus will remove her helmet and award you with the Heart Star. If you don't, she won't do either.

Wario Land 2 (1998):
One of the treasures that Wario can find and collect is that of a crystal Metroid.

Super Smash Bros (1999):
Samus Aran takes to the fighting arena as a playable character, who makes use of almost all her most famous abilities (such as morphball, bombs, charge beam, grapple beam, missiles and more). You can also fight on a specially designed themed stage set on Planet Zebes, which has it's own specially remixed music.

Super Smash Bros. Melee (2001):
Once again Samus steps into the battle arena against her fellow Nintendo characters, this time with a wider choice of weapons, stages (with new remixed music) and also now collectable trophies, depicting various items, and bosses from the Metroid franchise which you can collect.

WarioWare Inc: Minigame Mania (2003):
One of the short challenges in this mini-game collection is the classic Metroid 1 final battle, where you have to pump Motherbrain full of high-velocity missiles.

WarioWare Twisted! (2004):
In one of the mini-games you are morphed and must roll Samus to the missile expansion. The 2nd mini-game to feature Samus is the one where you must tilt the GBA so that Samus's Arm Cannon keeps the Metroid away from her. And finally, one of the mini-games known as "Nekoroid", features a cat with it's own arm cannon like that of Samus Aran.

WarioWare Touched! (2004):
This mini-game is only available in the US and European versions of WarioWare Touched! and it involves the player using their stylus to drag the Metroid off of Samus before her health runs out.

Geist (2005):
Nintendo's latest First-Person perspective game features Samus's helmet in a locker in a female changing area.

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