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Metroid Sequence Breaking

Metroid was never intended to have sequence breaking in it. Certainly, you could skip the Varia from the off, but that's more of a lower % run that actual Sequence Breaking. Getting the Varia Suit before you were supposed to, now THAT was Sequence Breaking.

Many, many years on and the true spirit of Sequence Breaking lives on in Metroid. The door-warp glitch that allows you access to the various Secret Worlds in Metroid can be abused greatly for amazing results.

Below is the current list of all sequence breaking tricks possible and that have been documented.

Sequence Breaking is ONLY possible thanks to the various tricks possible. Learn them all right here...

:: The SB Techniques You NEED To Know

.:The Tricks:.
:: Icebeam Before Bombs

:: Kraid Before Bombs

:: Screw Attack Without Icebeam

:: Skip The Morphball Bombs

:: Varia Before Hi-Jump or Ice Beam

:: Entering Kraid Shortcut

:: Leaving Kraid Shortcut

:: How To Ignore The Bubble Respawning

:: Skip BOTH Of The Game's Bosses!

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