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Varia Suit Early

Guide Credit - Chris Davis

The Varia Suit can be collected as soon as you aquire the bombs. It's very handy to have at such an early point of the game. But be warned. It's not easy and you WILL have to have mastered the Infinite Bomb Jump beforehand.

.:How To:.
First off, you need to be at the spot that's circled in red in the first screenshot below. Once in this room, go to just right of center and once you're here, shoot above your head. If you are skipping the longbeam, then jump up to clear the top pile of blocks above you.

Now, once you have cleared a STRAIGHT line of blocks away, very quickly morph and Infinite Bomb Jump up that gap. Once you are halfway up, push right to land on a ledge. (See screenshots 1 - 5 below).

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4 Screenshot 5

Once you're up here, make your way up and to the left. Be VERY VERY careful for this next section as it's easy to fall off and have to start from scratch. Make your way to the lowest single shootable block in the pile and morph. Roll to right on the edge of this block.

Perform an IBJ first time, or else you'll fall back down to the start again. Once you've made it to near the top, you'll spot the ledge to the left. On the your last bomb, hold left as you hit it and you should land on the ledge (See Screenshots 6 - 8 below).

Screenshot 6 Screenshot 7 Screenshot 8

Destroy the most direct block above you and kill the skree. Once that's dead, re-shoot the block as it appears and once again very quickly morph and IBJ straight up. Once on the next ledge, make your way into the door. From here, use get rid of the 2 sacs and go to the edge of the first ledge. You don't have to be right at the edge.

Start another IBJ straight up until you make it to near the next platform and press left on the last bomb so it pushes you up high enough and left onto the ledge (see screenshots 9 - 12 below).

Screenshot 9 Screenshot 10 Screenshot 11 Screenshot 12

Now for some funky bomb jumping tricks. You'll notice 2 gaps that need to be crossed. In the middle sits 2 of the slower crumbling blocks. The best way over these gaps is to roll to the very edge and then place a bomb. Use the push from this to get over the gap. Repeat for the next gap also and fall down to the platform below (see screenshots 13 - 16 below).

Screenshot 13 Screenshot 14 Screenshot 15 Screenshot 16

Nintendo save the best till last and you need to jump from the first delayed collapsing block to the 2nd one. From THIS block, you must VERY VERY quickly morph, and start an IBJ on the very first attempt. Otherwise Samus will be soaking in the lava. Make it all the way up and to the left and you're home and dry. Simply collect the Varia Suit as normal!

Screenshot 17 Screenshot 18 Screenshot 19 Screenshot 20

Screenshot 21 Screenshot 22 Screenshot 23

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