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Super Metroid Glitches

While there's no denying that Super Metroid is an extremely sturdy piece of software, it's certainly not glitch-proof, as quite a few dedicated Super Metroid fans have discovered. Not all of the glitches in SM are completely useful (some are mere graphical glitches). But there are quite a few that are used in a variety of creative ways.

Want to reset the ENTIRE game without losing a single power-up? You can do it. Or how about donning a rather funky blue suit that has a free super jump pre-charged? Want a SUPER high jump that is higher than any other single jump in the game? These are just an extremely small sample of the tricks that can be deployed with use of the glitches contained within. Their usefulness and description for achieving them can be found their relevent pages.

Glitch Selection

:: The "Mochball" Glitch/Trick
:: The Blue Suit
:: The Reset Glitch (Console Version)
:: The Reset Glitch (Emulator Version)
:: Beam Swap Glitch
:: Electric Grapple Glitch
:: Multiple Bomb Drop Glitch
:: Glitchy Room Entry
:: Bomb/Grappling Glitch
:: The Green Gate Glitch
:: "Kagoball"
:: Multiple Samus's
:: Shaking The Dead Glitch

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