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Blue Suit Glitch

This trick is essential in a 14% run (to pass-through the 1st Zebetite Pillar in Tourian) and is quite a cool glitch to do in general. Bear in mind tho, that it's easy to lose the suits effects and go back to normal. If you run or do a shinespark you'll lose it permanently.

.:How To:.
In Draygon's room you need to take Draygon to almost death. (The colour of his belly indicates how close to death that he is). Once it's belly is dark red, you need to go to the far left or right side of the room and allow a puffer (fired from Draygon) to slow your acceleration enough to allow you to run to the other side of the room and build up a shinespark.

Once you've charged the jump, stand just off of the center of the room and do a diagonal shinespark at Draygon (see screenshots 1, 2, 3 & 4 below).

Allow a Puffer to Attach Charge a Super Jump Aim at Draygon Spinespark at It

If you've managed to hit Draygon in the head with your shinespark, you'll fall down "wearing" the blue suit (see screenshots below)! Remember the following tho:

You have a "free" shinespark at your disposal with the blue suit. However, it's the ONLY one you have (which makes a 14% game even slower as you have to walk all the way to and through Tourian to use it!).

Hit Draygon's Head to Kill Him You'll Now Have the Blue Suit Normal Jumps Are ok

Blue Suit Glitch (386k)

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