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Reset Glitch (Console Version)

This trick is EXTEMELY cool and is relatively easy to perform. It basically resets EVERYTHING in the game EXCEPT for the total number of items already collected. This means that you can recollect ALL 46 missile tanks AGAIN after collecting them all already! Also, bosses are reset as well, meaning that you can fight ANY boss with the plasma beam or even Screw Attack! (This is only the tip of the iceberg as far as what can happen with this glitch).

There are 2 methods to performing this trick, but it depends on whether you are playing the game on an emulator, or on the console and cartridge. This method is for the console and cartridge...

.:How To:.
Once you have collected all the beams, make your way to the old escape shaft that has all the Space Pirates in it. Go to the room that requires you to freeze the enemies in the ground to allow you to boost up. At this door (and facing BACK at the escape shaft).

Now, follow these next few steps VERY carefully. Go into the item menu and select the Spazer Beam while delselecting Plasma. Highlight the Hi-Jump boots and then at the SAME TIME press Left + A. When done correctly, a strange new icon named "Var" will appear beside the plasma beam. ALL of the beams will now be on at the same time. This is what we want. Now, UN-SELECT the Wave Beam to prevent the game from freezing when we fire this. (see screenshots below)

The Escape Shaft in Question Stand by THIS door Go Into the Items Menu Get 'VAR' on the Screen

Unpause the game and at point blank range, shoot the door with the Spazer/Plasma weapon. The door will open. Now turn right and shoot the weapon ONCE. The game will now suddenly slow down and the menu at the top of the screen will go all funny. Turn left (you'll notice that your movement is MUCH slower than normal now) and exit through the door.

Once this new room you'll notice that the door has gone back to it's original yellow colour and the shaft will be empty again with all of the mist from the very beginning too. Now, go back into the item menu and turn OFF the Spazer and then turn the Wave Beam back on. (See screens below)

Shoot in THIS Direction VOILA! The Game Has Been Reset! UNEQUIP the Spazer Beam!

You're now able to REALLY mess around with the game in some truly bizarre ways. For some examples of what you can do, take a look at the topic dedicated to this glitch with screens provided! Reset Glitch Topic

The First Missile in The Game is Back! Total of Missiles = 235

Reset Glitch (Console) (1.83 Megs)

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