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Longbeam Shortcut

Discovered By - ShadowXOR

This little trick is useful in 100% speed runs as well as in an any% run where people choose to pick it up. To perform this speed trick (one of the few NOT put in deliberately by Nintendo), once you've collected the longbeam, instead of going up, duck at the tunnel used to come in.

Now, fire a shot and almost straight after, roll into a ball and move right. You'll see the first of the three blocks be destroyed. Roll back, unmorph and crouch again. Shoot (while kneeling), roll quickly after and go forwards. You should see the second block go. Finally, the toughest block. Normally, it doesn't matter at what height you fire the blast for the first two blocks. But for the final block, the height of your shot makes ALL the difference.

When crouched, as you press down, fire your gun. Now, press the d-pad in a quarter circular motion as if you were trying to do a fireball in Streefighter 2. If you do it right, the shot should be close to the the ground and you'll roll in just behind it. If the shot is too high, it'll miss, so make sure the shot is as close to that ground as possible. And when performed in a fluid motion, it'll speed your run up by a minute or so.

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