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Metroid Prime 2 Guides, Maps and Help

Need a Guide, Map or Help in Metroid Prime 2? Then I do believe you've come to the right place. In here you'll find speed guides, lowest % guides, 100% guides, a general walkthrough and special challenge guides in either ASCII .txt format or picture-filled .html.

.:Complete World Maps:.
:: 3D Maps with ALL Item Locations

.:Item/Key Checklist:.
:: Printer Friendly Checklist By Tyler Durden

.:Item Locations Screenshot Guide:.
:: Beams And Other Item Locations
:: Energy Tank Screenshots
:: Missile Expansion Screenshots
:: Beam Ammo Expansion Screenshots and Area Locations
:: Power Bomb Screenshots and Area Locations

.:Complete Creature Scans Lisiting (Categorized):.
:: Printer Friendly Creature Scans Listing By Tyler Durden

.:Scans, Lores and Logs:.
:: Screenshots Of The Creatures That Need Scanned
:: The Locations And Contents To EVERY Lore In MP2

:: List Of ALL the Unlockable Extras In MP2

.:Any% FAQ Guide:.
:: Text-only Version By deathcold

.:100% FAQ Guide:.
:: Text-only Version By Radix

.:Low Percent Guide (18%):.
:: Text-only Version

.:No Space Jump FAQ:.
:: Text-only Version By Mr Potter

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