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All other copyrighted materials belong to their respectful owners. This site is not affiliated with Nintendo or Retro Studios, but that doesn't mean to say that they don't love SCU.

Metroid's Tool Assisted Speedruns

Below you will find links to pretty much all of the current runs available for the Metroid games which have been played on an Emulator on a PC or MAC and that have been created using tools such as save-states, re-recording and/or slow-motion facilities to create a run that by human standards are virtually near impossible to replicate without stupidly insane reaction times.

As such most creators of these movies are doing so to shock the player with a display of ultra-fast almost machine like tricks and showmanship. These runs AREN'T considered for World Records as they aren't played using a genuine copy of the game (i.e. cartridge or disc) on a console, but that doesn't stop the creators of these Tool Assisted runs from enjoying what they do or from fans enjoying what's on show.

Whatever your opinions are on such runs, I for one weclome them with open arms as they should be appreciated for what they are... Smooth displays of almost inhuman skills. They might not be as endearing and thus satisfying as console-based speedruns, but that doesn't detract away from the amount of time, effort and dedication that has gone into each TAS (Tool Assisted Speedrun).

Each run is hosted directly on's own server as DivX .avi, so all you need to do is right-click, Save Target As and enjoy...

:: Metroid 1 Any% in 09:26 by zoizite (28.22 Megs)
:: Metroid 1 100% in 41:43 by zoizite (115.88 Megs)
:: Metroid Zero Mission any% in 23:29 by boltr (128.15 Megs)
:: Super Metroid any% in 27mins by terimakasih (130.41 Megs)
:: Super Metroid low% (14%) in 51:06 by terimakasih (201.40 Megs)
:: SM Reverse Boss Order/Suitless Teaser Clip by Saturn (6.49 Megs)

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