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Super Metroid Guides, Maps and Help

Getting lost in Super Metroid are we? Needing a helping hand? Then I do believe you've come to the right place. In here you'll find speed guides, lowest % guides, 100% guides, a general walkthrough and special challenge guides in either ASCII .txt format or picture-filled .html.

.:Item Locations:.
:: E-Tank Screenshots and Area Locations
:: Missile Screenshots and Area Locations
:: Super Missile Screenshots and Area Locations
:: Power Bomb Screenshots and Area Locations

.:100% Guide:.
:: Text-only Version
:: Fleshed out Graphical Version

.:Boss Guides:.
:: Text-only Version By Lord Xela
:: Fleshed out Graphical Version

.:Sub-Hour Guide:.
:: Text-only Version by Smokey
:: Fleshed out Graphical Version

.:Low Percent Guide (14 - 15%):.
:: Text-only Version By Kejardon
:: Fleshed out Graphical Version

*** Special Challenges ***

.:No Boss Mini-Boss Guide (NBMB):.
:: Text-only Version by Cloud Strife J
:: Fleshed out Graphical Version

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