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Metroid Prime 2 Version Differences

After the shennanigans that happened with Metroid Prime's version differences bonanza, you'd have thought that Retro would have left the 2nd installment alone (which they even said they would in a public interview with EGM). But alas, there are several known version differences in the PAL version (which was only released 2 weeks after the US release), as well as the numerous differences in the Japanese version of MP2:DE. Expect this to be updated after the release of the US Players Choice version of MP2 as well. ALL version differences are all in comparison to the original US release of MP2.

:: Nintendo Logo Difference
:: Name Change
:: Title Screen Differences
:: Menu Screen Differences
:: Demo Movies Changed
:: Boost Through Webbing Fixed
:: Dark Key Jingle Difference
:: 1st Portal Shortcut Removed
:: Jump Guardian Trick Removed
:: Early Seekers Ghetto Removed
:: Early Grapple Fixed
:: Floaty Jump Glitch Removed
:: Early Dark Torvus Key Fixed
:: Game Killing Glitch Fixed In Main Research

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