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Metroid Prime 2 Demo Tricks

Armed with the experience and knowledge of MP1, MP2 Demo players have looked into replicating tried and tested tricks, while trying out new ideas in an effort to see how the world of MP2 is built. Below, are the links to a collection of tricks that have been discovered by players. Experienced MP2 players will note the differences to certain old tricks that Retro have introduced (such as the bomb refill counter adjustment). Whether any of these tricks will still be possible in the retail version is anyone's guess just now. But you be assured that they will ALL be tried out as soon as it's released...

.:MP2 Demo Techniques:.
:: How To Bomb Jump In MP2: Echoes
:: The Scan Dash Returns! Find Out All About It In Here
:: How To Ghetto Jump To Higher Areas
:: Learn The Various Space Jumps In MP2

.:MP2 Demo Tricks:.
:: How To Make It To The Upper Ledge in Landing Site
:: Command Center Shortcut
:: Upper Ledge of Central Mining Station Without Spiderball
:: Upper Ledge of ???? In Dark World

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