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Metroid In Motion 0-02: Exclusive Metroid DVD Set

The sequel to the amazingly popular Metroid In Motion DVD set is finally finished and on sale! Thankfully this one didn't take quite as long as the original (as I didn't have to learn the programs used to piece it all together), and the experience used during the production of the first one, means that this one is even BETTER! For a start, I have now used a 2-pass encoder (instead of the original's single pass), meaning that the runs look MUCH better than before! (Pirate's MP run for example, looks fantastic on a TV screen).

Once again the set is produced in both PAL and NTSC variants to ensure that as many people can watch the DVD's with the minimum of hassle. With "interactive menus" (chapter search etc) it functions just like a professionally produced DVD. Disc 1 contains runs from: Metroid (any%), Metroid Prime (PAL 100%), Metroid Prime 2 (any%) and extra clips (including an interview, tv clips and more cool stuff).

Disc 2 contains runs from Metroid Prime 2 (100%), Super Metroid (any%) and MZM (100% SS), as well as another selection of brilliant extras. Please bear in mind that to be able to fit in over 5 hours of footage between the 2 Discs, that the runs aren't quite "DVD Quality" (i.e. Crystal Clear). They're MORE than watchable on a TV screen (and have been tested on a 28" and 14" TVs). To see what the DVD set and the menus look like, click on the links below...

.:The Cover and Discs:. (Made by MetroidHandler)
:: MIM 0-02 DVD Cover
:: MIM 0-02 DVD Discs

.:DVD Menu Grabs (Disc 1):. (Made by DestroyerF)
:: MIM 0-02 Title Screen
:: MIM 0-02 Metroid (Spiderwaffle)
:: MIM 0-02 Metroid Prime (Pirate109)
:: MIM 0-02 Metroid Prime 2 (metroid_killer)
:: MIM 0-02 Extras (Official and Unofficial)

.:DVD Menu Grabs (Disc 2):. (Made by DestroyerF)
:: MIM 0-02 Title Screen
:: MIM 0-02 Metroid Prime 2 (bartendorsparky)
:: MIM 0-02 Super Metroid (Smokey)
:: MIM 0-02 Metroid Zero Mission (Dragondarch)
:: MIM 0-02 Extras (Official and Unofficial)

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